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with Ananda Das






The Laughter Yoga, known as Hasya Yoga in Sanskrit, is an ancient technique that has already changed millions of people around the world, teaching anyone to laugh for no reason.


Becoming a leader of Laughter Yoga allows, supports and motivates you to start a Laughter Yoga Club, guide Laughter Yoga classes/sessions in Yoga Centres, Gyms, Schools, Old Age homes, Hospitals, Companies, conduct workshops/seminars internationally and much more...







The training starts at 9:00 (sharp so arrive 10-15min earlier please)

and ends at 20:00

(Water, Tea and some fruits and nuts included)

(Lunch NOT INCLUDED but possibilities for lunch in the area available)






- 22 hours of certified training

-A Certificate that allows you to teach internationally, recognized by the Laughter Yoga University of Dr.Kataria, India



- Laughter Yoga leader Manual

- E-Book: Laugh without Reason

- DVD of Laughter Yoga resources






- Providing participants with the complete knowledge and confidence to be able to lead different kinds of groups of people into a LAUGHTER YOGA class or session

- Creating more joy, health and happiness

- Helping people to release their stress, worry and anxieties

- Creating Spiritual Awakening & World Peace by spreading more and more Laughter.






Module 1

Theoretical Foundations History, Characteristics, Physiology and Psychology of laughter, Benefits of laughter.

Module 2

Laughter Yoga Sessions Laugh without Humour or Jokes, Exercises of laughter, How to Create your own Laughter Exercises.

Module 3

The successful Leader Start-up and guide of starting your own laughter Clubs and combining it with what you do.

Module 4

Laughter Yoga Variations How to Laugh Alone, How to lead Laughter classes for Children, Old People, Prisoners, Blind People etc.

Module 5

Laughter Yoga and Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan How Laughter yoga is connected with Kundalini Yoga.

Module 6

Practice, Practice and more Practice






- EARLY BIRD PRICE BEFORE 30/09/2017: €230*

- Standard Price After 30/9/2017: €250*

- Workshop Sunday afternoon from 15h-20h. Everyone welcome! Friends and family for free/contribution for others: 25euro


Reservation guaranteed after confirmation, 50% of the payment paid before 30/9/2017 (details will be in confirmation email) AND when training is followed by 9 other future Laughter Yoga leaders (minimum 10 trainees required) → Send an e-mail to Merel, the host: merel.vdb@gmail.com

Bringing a friend or family member? You pay only 25% of the training!

Need a payment plan? Please mention this in your email.

Need to cancel? You get a full refund if you cancel before the training date. Payment is non-refundable in the event of no show. Payment is also be refunded in case your place can be filled in by someone else.






Your trainer


Ananda Das comes from a spiritual family in North India.

At the age of twenty his search for the true Self became deeper and intensive after receiving a Shaktipath initiation in the holy city of Vrindavan through the grace of his Late Enlightened Master Devraha Baba Ji which gave him a transformative experience of the silent awareness and a blissful state of beingness.


Since then he has dedicated his life to deepen that experience. His workshops, trainings and classes are heart opening and creating a profound silence and the self-awareness inside. He also studied and practice meditation Vipassana as Diksha and for many years, which bring a great depth, peace, joy and spontaneity in his teachings.


In this training Ananda Das will connect some elements of Kundalini Yoga to enhance the practice and understanding of Laughter Yoga. The two very ancient and sacred sciences of awareness coming from India. Ananda Das is presently based in Spain and travels around the world giving courses, workshops and classes of Kundalini Yoga, Laughter Yoga, Meditation and Laughter Yoga Leader Trainings.


· Kundalini Yoga Professor Internationally Certified by KRI, USA.


· Professor of laughter Yoga, affiliated with Laughter Yoga University of Dr Madan Kataria, India.


· Professor of Yoga for Children- Childplay Programme by Gurudass Kaur


Laughter yoga workshop in India: www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFwQBDgiIb4






5 BENEFITS of Laughter Yoga

1. A good life. The laughter Yoga can change the mood in a few minutes thanks to the flood of endorphins that spread throughout our body, which along with one good mood all seems nicer.


2. Healthier. The laughter Yoga improves the immune system and reduces the level of stress so we get less sick while we are more equipped to deal with the diseases with more chances of recovery.


3. Better development. Our brains need 25% more oxygen than any other organ. The laughter Yoga provides greater intake of oxygen with which we get more active and motivated to improve efficiency and quality in what we do.


4. Improvement of your social life. The quality of our life depends on how many good social relationships they have. The laughter Yoga connects quickly to people including providing moments of union from the heart without judging or being judged.


5. The rising of your spirit. We all know that it is easier to laugh when things are going well, but how to laugh in the difficult moments of life. The laughter Yoga makes us have a positive mental attitude allowing us to face life with smile in our faces.



Join us and Ananda in this travel!